WELCOME, Stranger

Welcome to my internet-home. This pages are dedicated to my little java-applet I wrote some time ago. 

DragonTreeview is an applet designed to simplify structured display of link information on web pages. You can display the entire structure of a web-site in a single frame using this applet. The display is an explorer-like treeview which the user will know, and therefore will not hesitate to use. 

Main Features:

  1. Fully customizable icons, you can specify an unique icon for every tree-node if you wish, and you can specify their size, of course. Your icons will be scaled to fit that size.

  2. Fully customizable colors, you can specify the background-, font-, and highlight-color of the applet.

  3. Fully customizable fonts, you can specify a font and its size to use in the applet.

  4. The applet has functions for use with javascript, so if you want to change the look of the applet in one way or the other you do not have to reload it with different parameters. Just have it changed via javascript.

  5. Simple animation capabilities after finished loading.

  6. DragonTreeview is a non resizing applet. Which means that it does not mess up your layout just because it needs more space to display all tree nodes. If the tree runs out of space the user can scroll intuitively by moving the mouse towards the hidden items.

You see that, when creating the Applet I was focussed on making it highly customizable, in order  to fit in virtually any webpage. You can make it look like just anything.

And now use my applet, which shows in the left frame as you (no doubt) have guessed, to get information about how to embed it into your webpage and to learn about its parameters and javascript functions.